It started off with a status update on my Facebook which was motivated by the annoyance generated by a dog owner whose dogs seem more like investments than pets…

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On Monday, Exclusively Mongrels bailed out a pair of twins from AVA’s pound. Due to their good temperament, they were caught by dog catchers and later offered to me for fostering while Exclusively Mongrels find them good homes. If not for Exclusively Mongrels, these baby brothers might not be able to escape death. → Read more


While normal salons offer facial treatments on their menus that are designed for a relaxing spa-like experience, a medical facial provides a clinical approach to treat skin problems. Medical facial is done at a doctor’s office and it usually focuses on results rather than relaxation. Atlas MediSpa however, offers her clients the best of both worlds; you get to experience rest and relaxation while Atlas MediSpa uses controlled products and devices which only practitioner has access to (and are not available to traditional spas), to effectively mitigate the root cause of your skin problems. → Read more


If the 1st thing that comes to you is to feed more meat and supplement calcium so as to support strong bones and muscles, this article is for you. From my experiences, even some vets have the tendency to give the wrong advice based on the assumption above. On Instagram, when I first revealed about Midnight, I remember correcting a veterinary graduate that his advice to me to supplement Midnight with “lots of calcium” was wrong. → Read more


I kid you not, at the end of the Atlas Vit C Hydro Lightening Facial Treatment session at Atlas Medispa, my face was visibly brighter, my dark eye rings were lighter, my skin tone was so even that I did not require the use of makeup foundation. Using innovative technologies, this pampering and refreshing therapy uses unique Korean lab-researched and developed medical grade Vitamin C enriched serum that has intense anti-oxidation, anti-pigment and skin tone lightening effects. → Read more


Finally, I was able to drag myself out to get my hair done again at my favourite hair salon – Cuttour Hair Studio!! I have known them for as long as they are in business and they are truly one of my favourite bunch of people, not just because they can maintain a beautiful head of hair for all their clients, but they are one of the most genuinely nice people I have come across. I consider myself very lucky to have chanced upon them and then later fostered a friendship. If you happen to be a regular of Cuttour Hair Studio already, you will know exactly why I love the team so much. → Read more


So I saw blood in Layla’s (a rescue dog under my care) urine. I thought it could be UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) but I did a Google search in case there could be a more severe underlying condition that caused her pee to look bloody. My conclusion is that Google does not necessarily make you feel better because more often, the results of your search are usually information that can send you into a panic! → Read more


I had deemed facial treatments unnecessary till earlier this year, when I was finally confronted with the consequence of neglecting my skin for 2 years. At first, it was due to depression due to Caesar’s passing and later it developed into a lazy habit. Thank goodness a good friend of mine noticed the change in my skin condition and introduced me to Atlas Medispa for help! I have not forgotten the look of horror the lady boss gave me when I confessed that I do not even use toner anymore. The reason is simple – there just isn’t any motivation. My skin was dull and dry, and I lack the patience to follow through with a skin care regimen that takes weeks to months before I see the results. I can only be driven by immediate outcome. → Read more


Over time, numerous veterinary visits for recurring chronic infections can be time-consuming, frustrating and extremely costly to a pet owner. Thus, I thought it is about time I share this wonder ear cleanser with more pet owners. I shall keep the objective simple, this, is in my opinion, THE BEST EAR CLEANSERS for pets. → Read more


I am VERY sure I am not the only dog mum who hesitate to spend my free time away from my pup. I consider myself vain – I like my hair and nails nicely done, however, I hate to know that while I pamper myself, Midnight is alone and bored at home. Weeks ago, I learnt from a Facebook ad that there is a FREE doggy day care service trial just less than a minute (drive) away from Cuttour Hair Studio at MyVillage. Serangoon Gardens is officially my favourite neighbourhood!!! → Read more